When I was arriving in Turkey, at the first moment I thought, that I was in Greece.
Because at Atatürk Airport, there were some Greek "Atlas" planes, beside the landing position of turkish airlines.
But then I remembered the environment of Atatürk Airport.
At passport control I waited a long time. 1 elder and 3 younger Iranian women were beside me. The 3 younger ones started to wear their headscarf in a manner, that some of their hairs were looking out, because they had seen a Turkish woman, who weared her headscarf in the same way.
Now I realized fully, that I was in Istanbul.

... to be continued ...

Istanbul is like it was last year, all the little shops, live on street even in hot high noon.
Mosques are open. During Ramadan mosque calls more often for prayer as during the rest of year.

Churches are open too.

Nevertheless Istanbul is very secular. I've seen less women wearing a Burka as in 10th district of Vienna.

I've seen many new stores here:

From Atatürk Airport in Istanbul, you can fly to more destinations as from many other european airports.

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